The past present and future of male escorts

I do not buy into the strong notion flying around that male escorts are becoming extinct. This may be true in some regions – I have no write to dispute that – but it is far from the general reality and those who peddle such dumbfounded generalizations should be treated like a felon. At least I have been blessed with age such that in the next three years I would be celebrating my sixtieth birthday and if you are fortunate to come around, you will surely see lots of male escorts because I was once a male escort and even after leaving, I have worked with many agencies in the background to make sure that male escorts continue to thrive.

I have seen the transition of male escorts beyond two generations and to me, I feel like a success already. Even if I do not get to witness the future of male escorts, I would have died happy and fulfilled for contributing in no small measure to the current state of male escorts.

The transition of male escorts can be likened to that of communication. Many years ago, it was people passing information from one person to another (what is often termed the oral tradition). That was phased out by the discovery of wired telephones. That too has its flaws of limitation to space. Finally, we are here with mobile telephones (which is also continually experiencing different forms of revolution).

When male escorts became a prominent part of the society, they usually used words of mouth to sell themselves and their services to the public. This was the darkest age for male escorts because not only was it a tiring process, there was also no form of unity among them. Not too long ago, many different male escort agencies began to show up. They made life easier for male escorts because they no longer needed to move from one place to another to market themselves and their services. This period was greeted with lots of skepticism among the male escorts and the general public. Since it was a new system, many people were worried about its efficiency and sustainability. It is 2017 already and many of the male escort agencies would be celebrating their 10th anniversary while to others it is even more than that.

From just a single service, many of the male escort agencies are now offering myriads of services that leave many of their users confused on what service to pick. Like most advancement male escort agencies have opened up new opportunities to people with different sexual orientation and have increased the reach of male escorts.

I was speaking with a friend sometime in the past – a close birthday mate – and he told me of how his sons have taken after him in the male escort business. He said it with a sense of pride and I could not help but join in his celebration. We popped champagne and tossed to more success. There is nothing as thrilling to a father as seeing their children taking after them and excelling in the process. It gives a kind of feeling that is best felt than explained because you will always lack the proper words to do so.

The pace of transition from the days of an oral advert for male escorts to the use of male escort agencies was a slow one but from the look of things, I can comfortably predict that the next transition would not be so far off. It is already happening just that many people do not already realize it. Since male escort is now strongly hinged on the Internet and technology, any advancement in the latter will have a remarkable effect on male escorts.

Virtual reality technology is the next big deal but how can male escorts key into this technology? There are different ways they can do that and one of them is by creating a game that will promote male escorting services. Video games have lots of impact on teens and youths and if games about male escorts are created, it will help to draw their attention or kindle their interest in becoming one which would be of tremendous good to the industry. I know further transition of male escorts industry will occur with the presence of virtual reality, so, what do you propose it would be?